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So What's Doing? family fun made easy
 So What's Doing?
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About So What's Doing

We all struggle with what to do with our kids and it can be a chore to find an activity that will entertain the whole family. More often than not, we give up and wind up doing errands or just stay home.

You can find many sites that have listings of all the activities going on around town, but there can be so much information that it gets overwhelming and then difficult to choose one thing to do.

So What's Doing was created when we realized that we just had so many possibilities to do, but we wanted to know what was the one very best thing out there to do.

So What's Doing does all the leg work. I research everything happening in and around town and suggest a daily activity for you and your family taking the guess work and research out of planning your activity schedule!

It's fast, easy and best of all, free!

I hope you love my choices. I am always available for questions and comments and am open to different ideas.

My goal is to find you something fun and to have a great time doing it.

Happy activity going!




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